Care for the Community

The idea and concept of “Charis” isn’t just to treat others how you want to be treated; it’s to love others as you love yourself. Truth, clarity, and performance is a requirement of every conversation and transaction that our team is a part of. This should be the expectation of anyone looking for assistance in real estate.

Tenacity and Service

In January 2008, Charis Financial, Inc. was founded to fulfill an overwhelming need in the real estate industry: Struggling homeowners wanted advice and to make a plan to minimize financial fallout during the Great Recession. The Charis team fought an uphill battle from the beginning, with no road map of what banks intended to do.

By the summer of 2009, Charis was helping 15 families per month avoid foreclosure; another year later and that number doubled. Around the same time, Chris was invited to write a Q&A column for the OC Register on a semi-monthly basis, to which he happily accepted. The whole Charis team were all former mortgage professionals. But, by 2010, agents from all over Southern California were asking our advice on how to list, offer, market, and advise on their real estate transactions. Soon after, Charis Financial, Inc. became Charis Real Estate.

Looking Ahead

The traditional role of a real estate agent is changing with the technology and information available to the consumer. There’s no value in an agent that just shows homes or sits and waits for someone to make an offer on your listing. Markets are saturated with websites providing data and analytics for any neighborhood a potential buyer or seller is interested in.

Here at Charis, the same innovation that helped us thrive during the worst financial crisis of our generation is helping buyers and sellers get the most out of the data. We walk you through how it relates to your loan, what is it saying about future expectations, and also how to maximize your returns. All of this translates into a smooth closing, with a superior experience, that you feel good about. Charis Real Estate has a partnership with the C.A.R.E. Advisory Network, which works with people in service-related fields to become homeowners.