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Since the way that buying and selling homes is changing, shouldn’t you be looking for a company who is out in front of where the industry is headed? With the rise in popularity of online real estate searching, a big part of what agents used to focus on is now being done by you. Showing houses is the easy part! Your agent should have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and be able to give you a plan for success, no matter what your situation is. There are strategies to get sellers more than their listing price, for buyers to get a house for less than the asking, or to get an offer accepted when there are several others competing. It’s always a competitive market in Southern California, you need a company who goes into the sale with a plan for success not just a hope for it. As the owner of Charis Real Estate, Chris Diaz has created a reputation for being a strategic thinker, a tenacious negotiator, and a driver of service.  After a successful launch of his first company back in 2008, the OC Register even had Chris writing real estate/mortgage columns for them to help people get through our financial crisis. Buyers and sellers today need more from their agent than in years past, the Charis Team is already leading the way. Call us to see how.

Buying Real Estate

Whether you’re looking for a starter home, your dream home, or an investment, you want to be satisfied with what you’re buying. We supply the data, analytics, and support for you to make the very best decision.

Selling Real Estate

Getting top dollar for your home usually has to do with the presentation of it. When looking online, the homes with professional photography, 3D renderings, and staging, are usually what get the most attention. We’re that kind of company, not the ones with pictures from our phones.


Are there any other large purchases you make where you go look before you know what you can buy? We want this process to be a smooth one and so we start working with you on the Pre-approval process right from the start. This allows us to close escrow sooner too!


Charis - a word that is used for both giving and receiving - truly encompasses all of our partnerships.

Our partnerships are one of the cornerstones of how we make the process so easy for you. We believe a collection of talent is better than an individual when it comes to servicing our clients and so we’ve put together an all-star team of partners.  Whether it’s finding a loan officer, a title company, or a house cleaning service, we have the team that can walk you through the entire process.

How Can We Help


How do you start, what to expect, and everything in between.


Neighborhood values, market trends, and selling strategies.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Access to state funded loan program info, so that you can make an informed decision.

A Buyer in the Future

It’s ok if you’re not ready just yet, we’ll work out a plan on your timeline.

Real Estate Investing

We can help with analytics, and referring out to financing partners.

First-Time Homebuyers

Separating the facts from the noise about what’s available to you.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you for such an important part of your life.

Our goal is making sure you’re the person who had the great real estate experience from start to finish. This is what our client’s get! There’s a big difference between going through a process which has gone as expected versus going through surprisingly easy. We want you to see that difference.


Why do people love Charis Real Estate?


Fulfill all your real estate needs with quality service and a better experience.